A Solid Foundation

Indianapolis Skyline from the west, 1992Legislators specified a solid foundation of Indiana limestone for Indiana's Statehouse. Since 1888 it has proved to be a fitting move, for this is a building where much of the history of Hoosiers and of the State of Indiana has happened.

Voices have been heard here locked in political debate over wars, taxes, women's rights, and civil rights. Governors have led the state from here, citizen legislators have passed laws here that have affected every Hoosier's life, and judges have ruled here on the constitutionality of those laws. Ordinary people come here to express their opinions about government. Here we exercise our rights and duties as citizens.

Lotus Dickey Hometown Music & Arts Reunion, Sunset on the Millennium, December 31, 1999The building's outstanding architectural beauty has drawn people for cultural and celebratory events also. Its walls have heard the rustling of long silk dresses and jogging suits and echoed with the swells of music during concerts. Its grounds have seen the burst of fireworks in the night sky.

We come to the Statehouse to commemorate the past. Here we place statues and plaques-as well as plant trees-to honor people who have influenced our public life. Here we mourn the passing of our public figures and remember the efforts of ordinary citizens.

This is the house of the citizens of Indiana. It is a building rich in experiences of the commonplace and the uncommon, of ordinary and extraordinary people. History has been made and the future looms at our Statehouse, for it embodies what Indiana has been and will be. Indiana's Statehouse has a rock-solid foundation.



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