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Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3) Development

The person having financial responsibility or operational control for a facility regulated under this rule shall develop, implement, update, and maintain a storm water pollution prevention plan (SWP3) that:

  • identifies potential sources of pollution that may reasonably be expected to affect the quality of storm water discharges exposed to industrial activity from the facility;
  • describes practices and measures to be used in reducing the potential for pollutants to be exposed to storm water;
  • assures compliance with the terms and conditions of this rule;
  • lists, by position title, the member or members of a facility storm water pollution prevention team, who will be responsible for developing the storm water pollution prevention plan and assisting the facility or plant manager in its implementation, maintenance, and revision; and
  • clearly identifies the responsibilities of each storm water pollution prevention team member.

The SWP3 can be combined with other written facility plans, such as operation and maintenance, spill prevention control and countermeasures, or risk contingency plans, if those plans fulfill the requirements of a Rule 6 SWP3. It is required that the other plans, if used, have a separate, labeled section for the SWP3. Otherwise, a separate SWP3 should be developed, and, as an alternative, the relevant information in the other facility plans could be referenced in the SWP3 (e.g., the spill reporting procedures and reporting contact information are available in section 4 of the facility Spill Contingency Plan, etc.).

Requirements for plan development and content are contained in 327 IAC 15-6-7 (Rule 6) [PDF] (Select Rule 6, Storm Water Discharges Exposed to Industrial Activity, Section 7 or Scroll to bottom of page 29).

In addition to the Rule, the Indiana Storm Water Quality Manual is also available as a reference and provides a variety of storm water quality measures and principles that may be incorporated into the SWP3.

For specific permit timelines and information regarding compliance with the Rule, use the IDEM Step-by-Step Process for Compliance with 327 IAC 15-6 guide.

For more information regarding the applicability requirements for 327 IAC 15-6, please contact the Storm Water Permit Coordinator.

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