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The renewal of a permit requires the Project Site Owner to file a new Notice of Intent with IDEM 90 days prior to the expiration of the permit. If the project meets the eligibility criteria for termination, the project may be terminated.

All projects, renewing permit coverage after December 18, 2021, must renew the coverage under the Construction Stormwater General Permit (CSGP). To renew permit coverage, the Project Site or their representative must apply for coverage online through the IDEM Regulatory ePortal.

Note: if a permittee or their representative does not have access to the Regulatory ePortal, please contact Stormwater Program staff.

The online application will require the application preparer to update the Notice of Intent to meet the requirements of Section 5.2 of the CSGP. The required information for the renewal will not require significant updates to the forms as many of the same requirements were already submitted with the previous Notice of Intent. A new proof of publication is not required and the plan review (the overall scope and size of the plan should not have changed form the original submittal that was reviewed) are not required to be uploaded to the Regulatory ePortal. Two of the new requirements include as to whether or not the project is within a U.S. EPA approved TMDL or discharges to a water on the current 303(d) list of impaired waters.

In addition to the information required by the Notice of Intent, the submittal may also require verification that the Construction Plan was submitted to the local plan review authority. The plan verification may be required when one or more of the following apply:

  • A local Municipal Separate Storm Sewer system (MS4) requires a plan review based on requirements of a local ordinance.
  • If the scope or layout of the project has changed from the original submittal, the Project Site Owner will be required to submit a new Construction Plan and receive verification that the plan meets the requirements of the CSGP or a "Waiver Letter" from the plan review authority. This document should be submitted online with the NOI renewal.

Note: Each MS4 entity may have its own requirements for the renewal of a permit. Some may not regulate these projects as the project may have started prior to the MS4 adopting storm water ordinances. However, other MS4s may choose to regulate these projects based on their local ordinance. This may require the responsible party to submit information to the MS4, including plans before submittal of their NOI renewal.

For more information regarding the CSGP and renewal of permit coverage, please contact the IDEM Stormwater program staff.

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