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Notice of Intent (NOI) Submittal

The submittal of Notice of Intent (NOI) is required for all projects meeting the applicability requirements of the Construction Stormwater General Permit (CSGP) regardless of whether the project is within or outside a designated MS4 entity.  IDEM does not delegate their authority to administer the CSGP to an MS4 but does recognize the local permitting process and plan review of the MS4 entities as a qualifying local program.

The Notice of Intent (NOI) submittal must be completed by using the online Regulatory Service Portal (Regulatory ePortal).

  • Electronic submissions using the IDEM Regulatory ePortal will shorten processing time and issuance of the Notice of Sufficiency. All applicants must use the electronic system. Guidance on establishing an account and submitting an NOI online can be found on the Regulatory ePortal Guidance for Construction Stormwater Online page.

Note: A Notice of Intent (NOI) must be submitted a minimum of forty-eight (48) hours prior to initiation of land-disturbing activities to meet the requirements of the CSGP. MS4s may have additional requirements that must be met prior to the submittal of the NOI. It is the responsibility of the project site owner to understand and meet these local requirements.

A separate NOI application is required for each submitted Construction Plan, and the project site acreage identified in the Construction Plan must directly correspond to the acreage figures provided in the NOI submittal.

The online NOI submittal must include the following:

  • Application filing fee of $175: The fee may be paid online through the portal using a credit card or e-check.  IDEM will accept a check or money order made payable to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. However, filing a payment after submitting online will delay the project start date to forty-eight hours after receipt of the check or money order.
  • Plan Review Verification: The plan review verification is received from the plan review authority in response to the submittal of the Construction/Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan. The response will typically include a document stating that the plan meets the minimum requirements of the CSGP or where applicable the local MS4 Ordinance(s). Additional information regarding the plan review can be found at Construction Plan Submittal and Review.

To successfully complete the Notice of Intent (NOI), the following guidance has been developed:

A copy of the NOI should also be submitted to the plan review authority.  The plan review authority will either be the SWCD or a local MS4.

For more information regarding the NOI submittal process, please contact the IDEM Stormwater Program Staff.

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