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Guidance on Completing the NOI Form

Following is guidance on filing a complete Notice of Intent, including filling out the form and all required attachments:

Always check the NOI Form (State Form 47487) to ensure the most recent version is being used (state form available on the IDEM Agency Forms page).

Type of Submittal

  • Check the appropriate type of submittal that applies to the project. A submittal can be classified as one of three types:
    • Initial: Initial submittals are for new projects only or for projects that have been sold. A permit is not transferable. New owners must file for a new Notice of Intent.
    • Amendment: Amendments to a Notice of Intent can only be made by the original project site owner that has signed the Notice of Intent. The purpose of an amendment is to modify the general permit. The following are acceptable permit amendments:
      • The start and/or projected completion date has changed.
      • The name of the project has changed.
      • The original boundaries of the project are being expanded and the total expansion of the project is less than one acre.
      • Land disturbance within the permitted project is expanded (less than one acre expansion of total land area) into an area originally not planned for disturbance.
    • Renewal: Permit renewals are required 90 days prior to the expiration of a general permit.

Permit Number

  • The initial submittal by a Project Site Owner does not require a permit number. Permit numbers are assigned by IDEM staff for each project once the initial Notice of Intent is received by the agency. However, the submittal of an amendment, renewal, or any correspondence related to the project should include this number.

Note: Permits issued prior to January 2003 have not been assigned a number and will only be assigned a permit number upon renewal of the permit.

Project Name and Location

  • Project Name: Enter the complete name of the project. Remember to include phases or sections when identifying the project. The identification of the project should directly match what is or was included in the Construction Plan/storm water pollution prevention plan.
  • County: Enter the county in which the project will occur. If the project lies within multiple counties, list the principal county of activity (primary land disturbance or center of project area) and attach a separate sheet to identify additional counties of activity.
  • Brief Description of Project Location: Provide a brief description of where the project lies in relation to other local landmarks, road intersections, or other information that will allow ease in location of the project site. The description should not be anymore than 250 characters.
  • Project Location: Provide information on the location of the project by providing both latitude and longitude and a legal description. Large projects may encompass multiple jurisdictional areas. As long as the project is within one county it is acceptable to provide information that references the center of the project. Linear projects or those that extend beyond a county boundary and are located in multiple counties should include an attachment with detailed location of each project area or a representation on a map.
  • Latitude and Longitude: Information is acceptable in degrees, minutes, and seconds or decimal representation. Additional information is available on the Identifying Hydrologic Unit Code(s) & Latitude and Longitude page.
    • Note: For Indiana. the latitude and longitude typically should occur within the ranges of:
      • Latitude Ranges: 37° to 41°
      • Longitude Ranges: 84° to 88°
  • Legal Description: The legal description should include the location of the project to the nearest ¼ section, township (i.e. T2N), range (i.e. R3W), and the civil township.
  • MS4 Information: Provide information as to whether or not this project lies within the jurisdictional boundaries of an MS4. If any part of or all the project falls within the boundaries of an MS4, check the appropriate boxes and name the MS4 or MS4s. Attach additional sheets as necessary.

Information on MS4s that have an active construction program that were certified to IDEM is available on the MS4s Administering a Construction Program page.

Project Site Owner and Project Contact Information

  • Company Name - Project Site Owner: Provide the name of the company that is responsible for the project. If an individual is the responsible party it is not necessary to complete this item.
  • Project Site Owners Name: Please include the name of the project site owner(s) or a representative of the company. This should be an employee of the company that has the authority to act on behalf of the entity. In most situations, this is the individual that signs the Notice of Intent.
  • Address: Enter the address of the company, including street, city, state, and zip code. This should not be the address of the project site, unless an office and personnel are located on site to receive correspondence related to this permit.
  • Contact Information: Enter contact information, including phone, fax, and e-mail (if available).
  • Ownership Status: Please provide information as to whether the project is governmental or non-governmental by checking the appropriate box (only one box should be checked).
  • Contact Person: If there is a different individual from the owner identified above that is a contact person for the project, please provide this name. This can be another representative of the same company, a consultant, engineering firm, etc. that is involved with the project and can address inquiries from IDEM.
  • Company Name: Provide the name of the company that is represented by the contact person.
  • Affiliation to Project Site Owner: Please provide information as to the relationship of the contact person to the project site owner (i.e. engineer, consultant, field manager, etc.).
  • Address: Enter the address of the company, including street, city, state, and zip code.
  • Contact Information: Enter contact information, including phone, fax, and e-mail (if available).

Project Information

  • Project Description: Check the appropriate box that represents the type of project. If one of the boxes does not adequately reflect the nature of the project, check the box labeled "other" and enter a brief description. For example, an individual is building a lake. The box preceding "other" should be checked and the blank should list "Lake".
  • Name of Receiving Water: This item should reflect a realistic representation of where water flows from the site. Identify the name of the stream, creek, etc. that will receive run-off from the project site. Following are several examples that are acceptable to identify the receiving waters:
    • If the discharge is directed to a municipal separate storm sewer, include the name of the municipal operator of the storm sewer and the ultimate receiving water.
    • Discharges to Clear Creek
    • Discharges to an un-named tributary of Clear Creek
    • Discharges to Clear Lake
    • Discharge to karst topography (if available, provide the cave system or a known point where discharge may re-enter surface waters)
    • Discharge to dry wells that directly discharge into ground water
    • Discharge to an un-named wetland. If the wetland has an overflow point, please provide the ultimate receiving water.
    • Storm water basins - identify the receiving stream or system that will receive run-off that is discharged through a principal or emergency spillway or from a storm event that exceeds the design capacity of the basin.
  • Project Acreage:
    • Total acreage: Enter the total acreage that will be included in the project.
  • Proposed Land Disturbance: Provide the projected number of acres that will be disturbed for the project.
    • Total Impervious Surface Area: Please provide an estimate of the number of square feet associated with the project that will be impervious (roads, streets, parking lots (gravel and paved), building footprints, driveways, etc.).
  • Project Duration:
    • Estimated Start Date: Provide an estimate of when the project will commence land disturbance. This date is only an estimate and will not be used by IDEM to hold a project site owner accountable.
    • Estimated End Date for all Land-Disturbing Activities: Provide an estimate of the length of time the project will be operational. The estimated completion date may exceed the five year permit term. This date is only an estimate and will not be used by IDEM to hold a project site owner accountable.

Construction Plan Certification

  • Each individual filing a Notice Intent as required by 327 IAC 15-5 should review the six elements in this section. These are the elements that he/she is agreeing to administer by placing his/her signature on the Notice of Intent.

Please check the appropriate boxes on the form and enclose these documents.

Project Site Owner Responsibility Statement

The information in this section must meet the signatory requirements as specified in 327 IAC 15-4-3(g). By definition in 327 IAC 15-5, the project site owner is any developer or other person(s) who has financial and operational control over construction activities and project plans at a construction site, including the ability to modify those.

  • Clearly Print the Name of the Project Site Owner.
  • The Project Site Owner must sign the Notice of Intent. IDEM only accepts original signatures and will issue a Notice of Deficiency if the signature is a copy or a facsimile.

Attach the Following

  • Proof of Publication: All projects are to be advertised in a newspaper of general circulation in the area that the project is located.
  • General permit filing fee of $100:The fee may be paid by a check or money made payable to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. Please identify Rule 5 as the applicable program and identify the project name.
  • Plan Review Verification: The plan review verification is received from the plan review authority in response to the submittal of the Construction Plan. The response will typically include a document stating that the plan meets the minimum requirements of the Rule/MS4 Ordinance, a letter stating that the plan was received and the plan review was waived, or the 28-day review period has expired. Additional information regarding the plan review can be found at Plan Submittal.

Additional Information

For more information regarding completion of the Notice of Intent, please contact the IDEM Storm Water Permits Coordinator.

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