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Construction Plan Submittal and Review

Submit the Construction/Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3) to the plan review authority. The plan submission may vary based on whether or not the project is located within a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) or if it is outside the jurisdictional boundaries of a MS4. Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCD) assist IDEM and in some cases MS4s with plan review.

Review the information below to ensure the plans are submitted to the correct review agency.

Is my project within an MS4? To identify if you are within a MS4, the map of MS4 boundaries will aid in this determination:

Project is within a MS4:

The construction/stormwater pollution plan should be submitted to the appropriate MS4. Contact information for the MS4 can be obtained at Designated MS4 Entities Currently Permitted.

  • Note: Projects owned or operated by an MS4 must be submitted in accordance with the option below.
Project is not within a MS4:

The construction/stormwater pollution plan (SWP3) must be submitted to IDEM or an SWCD that has been designated by IDEM to review plans.

A list of SWCDs that review plans on behalf of IDEM can be obtained at SWCD Participation - Plan Review [XLSX]. The list identifies which SWCD should receive the plans locally and those that must be submitted to IDEM.

Plans submitted to IDEM must use the IDEM Regulatory ePortal. IDEM no longer will accept plans submitted via mail or email.

If you have questions as to whether the project lies within the boundaries of an MS4, please contact the appropriate MS4 or this office to make a determination. Please contact the IDEM Storm Water Permits program staff for inquiries related to project jurisdictional areas.

Plan Review Timeline

The review authority (project regulated under the CSGP) has up to 28 days from the date of submittal to review the plan. Projects within an MS4 jurisdiction are not subject to the 28-day review period and have their own procedures and timelines for the submittal and review of plans.

Modifications to the plan may be requested by the plan review authority before a final decision is made and authorization is granted to submit the Notice of Intent.

If notice of a deficient plan is received, the plans must be revised to satisfy the deficiencies and resubmitted to the review authority, at which time the 28-day review period starts over (for project outside of MS4s or those owned/operated by a MS4).

Single Coordinated Review

This process has been established to process plan submittals by allowing an applicant to only submit to one entity for projects that occur in multiple counties. A single review is only applicable for multi-county projects that occur outside of designated MS4 entities. To request a coordinated review, please submit a request in writing to the IDEM Stormwater Permit Coordinator.

Additional Information

For more information regarding the submittal of the Construction Plan/Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan pursuant to the CSGP, please contact the IDEM Storm Water Permits program staff.

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