Permit Renewal

A new Rule 6 Notice of Intent (NOI), proof of publication, and requisite filing fee must be submitted to IDEM every five years (Notice of Intent (NOI) Letter Submittal). The same sampling and reporting requirements apply.

Permit renewals are required to be submitted ninety (90) days prior to the expiration of a general permit.

In addition to the information contained within the Notice of Intent letter, the submittal is required to contain an application fee of $50 and a proof of publication. The following guidance should be followed for all permit renewals:

  • Submit the $50 application fee.
  • Advertise the project in a newspaper of general circulation for a minimum of one day. A new notice is required to continue the operation at the facility. Submit the new Proof of Publication with the Notice of Intent application.

Upon renewal, the permit “effective date” will begin on the expiration date of the previous five year permit term.

For more information regarding the applicability requirements for 327 IAC 15-6, please contact the Storm Water Permit Coordinator.