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Performance Partnership Agreement

IDEM and U.S. EPA have entered into their 13th Performance Partnership Agreement (PPA), formerly known as the Environmental Performance Partnership Agreement (EnPPA). This agreement identifies specific priorities for IDEM programs and joint priorities between the two agencies. The latest PPAs are listed below. The PPA is a product of the National Environmental Performance Partnership System (NEPPS), a joint initiative of the U.S. EPA and Environmental Council of States (ECOS). The PPA, formed under NEPPS, is designed to provide states and U.S. EPA with flexibility in achieving environmental results and to enhance accountability in achieving environmental progress. The Performance Partnership Grant (PPG) is the Federal grant used to fund many of the PPA activities.

2023-2025 PPA Cycle

2021-2023 PPA Cycle

2019-2021 PPA Cycle

2017-2019 PPA Cycle

2015-2017 PPA Cycle

2013-2015 EnPPA Cycle

2011-2013 EnPPA Cycle

2009-2011 EnPPA Cycle

2007-2009 EnPPA Cycle

2005-2007 EnPPA Cycle

2003-2005 EnPPA Cycle

2001-2003 EnPPA Cycle

1999-2001 EnPPA Cycle

1997-1999 EnPPA Cycle

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