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Maps and Geographic Information System (GIS) Applications

  • Continuous Air Quality Monitoring Data:
    • Providing access to Indiana's continuous air quality monitoring network, IDEM's Continuous Air Quality Monitoring Data maps offer access to near real-time data from air monitors across Indiana. Approximately 65 percent of Indiana's air monitoring network is now available via this system.
  • Fixed Station Water Quality Monitoring Locator:
    • This is an interactive map with the statewide distribution of the fixed station water monitoring sites. It provides the station name, location description, photos where available of upstream and downstream, and a list of parameters sampled.
  • Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC) Finder:
    • This is an interactive map of the statewide watershed delineations as developed in 1991 for Indiana and updated nationally in 2009. The original 1991 data was built using criteria specific for Indiana’s surface hydrography, and the U.S. Geological Survey designations for Sub-basin, Watershed, and Sub-watershed were assigned the 8-, 11-, and 14-digit codes representing these drainage areas. In 2005, the U.S. Geological Survey was tasked to delineate nationally the sub-watershed level using criteria appropriate for the diversity in the national hydrography. The new designations for the national effort resulted in using the 8-, 10-, and 12-digit coding to represent the Sub-basin, Watershed, and Sub-watershed drainage areas. The HUC Finder overlays the 2 systems to help watershed coordinators and others recognize the changes that may have occurred and the hydrologic unit coding system.
  • IDEM Field Staff Service Areas:
    • Interactive map to find IDEM inspectors for your area.
  • Impaired Waters (e303d):
    • This interactive map provides a display of the impaired waters along with additional information associated with the listings, such as the development status of TMDLs and the establishment of watershed management plans (WMPs). Additional guidance on the use of the e303d is available.
  • Indiana CSO Outfall Map:
    • Interactive map that allows individuals to see the location of every CSO outfall in Indiana. For each outfall, the map provides information on the NPDES number, CSO number, receiving stream, outfall status, and other variables.
  • Mitigation Volunteer:
    • This is an interactive map that allows land owners to volunteer their property to be a mitigation site for other projects in their area. Additional information is available on the IDEM Wetlands, Lakes, and Streams Regulation website.
  • Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) Boundaries Viewer:
    • This is an interactive map that shows Indiana’s MS4 entities (cities, towns, universities, colleges, prisons, hospitals, conservancy districts, homeowner's associations and military bases) with zoom and pan tools plus access to the associated information in table and popup format.
  • Watershed Groups Finder:
    • This is an interactive map that allows individuals and groups to find other groups working on water quality and watershed related issues to share information and experiences and to coordinate efforts in adjacent areas.
  • Wellhead Proximity Determinator:
    • Site specific inquiries regarding if a property is located within or outside of an IDEM approved Wellhead Protection Area can be answered by using the self-service application.

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