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Citizens’ Guide to IDEM

Indiana’s air quality has improved greatly since states began monitoring pollutants in the 1970s. Samples taken from Hoosier rivers and streams show the quality of our watersheds is improving. IDEM has addressed contamination at hundreds of sites across the state. The participation of citizens in IDEM’s decision-making processes will help ensure continued progress.

The Citizens’ Guide to IDEM [PDF] (también disponible en Español [PDF]) describes the agency’s permitting and environmental cleanup programs. It explains the basic processes that occur once IDEM receives a permit application, becomes aware of a contaminated site, or is directed by law to develop a rule. The guide details how citizens can participate when IDEM makes decisions about issuing permits, conducting cleanup actions, preparing environmental reports and plans, and writing environmental rules.

For citizens who wish to learn more, links are provided throughout the guide. Additional resources lead to other government agencies that may have authority over activities that IDEM does not regulate. IDEM encourages citizens to explore the agency’s website and contact IDEM staff with questions about specific issues.

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