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RMDP: Program History

The Recycling Market Development Program was established in the early 1990s to better manage solid waste by developing markets for recycling. The Program first resided at the Indiana Department of Commerce and then became part of IDEM in August 2005.

The Program is supported by the Recycling Promotion and Assistance Fund (RPAF) established under IC 4-23-5.5-14. Monies for this fund are one half of the $0.50/ton fee charged for final disposal or incineration of solid waste. This $0.25 is dedicated to economic development efforts of businesses, assisting Hoosiers in establishing new or expanding recycling businesses, as well as researching and developing projects involving recycling. This included buying new or retrofitting equipment necessary to reuse or recycle secondary materials. The Indiana Recycling Market Development Board [PDF] approves use of the money.

Historically, funding has been awarded for equipment purchases, but since 2016 grant funding has been opened to consider projects increasing education and collection efforts in reaching the state’s recycling goals.

Decisions regarding funding for eligible applicants are made by the Board at quarterly meetings. If the project meets the standards of the program, the proposal and supporting information will be sent to the Board for consideration. Projects are then discussed by staff and the applicants with the Board members. If a project is approved, a contract will be established between the state and the applicant.

Highlights of several previously approved and funded RMDP projects, since IDEM’s administration of the program, can be found on the Project Profiles page. Featured companies will change throughout the year to illustrate the range of projects the RMDP has seen while under IDEM administration. Those highlighted do not imply any preference.

A detailed history of grant and loan funding is found in the reference document: It’s the Economy! [PDF]

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