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Public Notices: Northwest Indiana

The Public Notices for the Northwest Region cover the counties of Jasper, Lake, LaPorte, Newton, and Porter.

Updated: 05/15/2024

Name or Facility Type of Notice/Event Publication Dates Public Comment? Additional Information
Multi-County Notices
No current public notices.
Iroquois Bio-Energy Company, LLCNotice of 30-Day Period of Public Comment for Draft Air Permit [PDF]05/10/2024 - 06/10/2024YesPermit Number: 073-47437-00037
Town of Wheatfield WWTPNPDES Draft Permit Public Notice [PDF]04/08/2024 - 05/08/2024YesPermit Number: IN0040754

Project Manager: DONNELLAN, JOHN
Hammond Group, Inc.Notice of 30-Day Period of Public Comment for Draft Air Permit [PDF]05/17/2024 - 06/16/2024YesPermit Number: 089-47056-00219
United States Steel Corporation – Gary WorksNPDES Draft Permit Public Notice [PDF]05/15/2024 - 06/14/2024YesPermit Number: IN0000281

Project Manager: Gardner, Nicole
The University of Chicago MedicineNotice of 30-Day Period of Public Comment for Draft Air Permit [PDF]05/13/2024 - 06/12/2024YesPermit Number: 089-47554-00725
Wolf Lake TerminalsNPDES Final Permit Public Notice [PDF]05/03/2024 - 05/21/2024NoPermit Number: IN0064927

Project Manager: Deboy, Devery J
Enbridge Energy – Griffith TerminalNPDES Draft Permit Public Notice [PDF]05/02/2024 - 06/03/2024YesPermit Number: IN0064910

Project Manager: Warrener, Matt
Enbridge Energy LP - Griffith TerminalNPDES General Permit Public Notice [PDF]04/24/2024 - 05/15/2024NoPermit Number: ING420037

Project Manager: Burget, Catherine A
Eco Services Operations Corp.Notice of 30-Day Period of Public Comment for Draft Air Permit [PDF]04/12/2024 - 05/12/2024YesPermit Number: 089-47586-00242
U.S. Smelter and Lead Refinery, Inc. (USS Lead)Hazardous Waste Final Permit [PDF]

Notice of Decision [PDF] 
04/12/2024 - 05/20/2024NoPermit Number: IND047030226

Project Manager: WORKMAN, JEFF
Summit IncorporatedHazardous Waste Closure Plan Notice of Public Hearing [PDF]

Plan de Cierre de Desechos Peligrosos Aviso de Audencia Pública [PDF] 
04/10/2024 - 05/20/2024YesPermit Number: INR000142257

Project Manager: WORKMAN, JEFF

Public Hearing (Aviso de Audencia Pública):
May 15, 2024 from 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. CST
Gary Public Library
220 W 5th Avenue, Gary, IN 46402
Metal Management Indiana, Inc. dba Sims MetalNotice of 30-Day Period of Public Comment for Draft Air Permit [PDF]03/25/2024 - 05/24/2024YesPermit Number: 089-47255-00608
La Porte
Love’s Truck StopState Isolated Wetland Individual Permit Public Notice [PDF]05/06/2024 - 05/27/2024YesIDEM ID Number: 2024-357-46-MTM-A

Project Manager: MAUPIN, MARTY
ISOA LLC dba Insulation Specialties of AmericaNotice of 30-Day Period of Public Comment for Draft Air Permit [PDF]04/29/2024 - 05/29/2024YesPermit Number: 091-47463-00163
American Renolit CorporationNotice of 30-Day Period of Public Comment for Draft Air Permit [PDF]04/04/2024 - 05/04/2024YesPermit Number: 091-47321-00127
Kentland WWTPNPDES Draft Permit Public Notice [PDF]05/10/2024 - 06/10/2024YesPermit Number: IN0023329

Project Manager: Kasuboski, Jordan
MonoSol LLC - PortageNPDES General Permit Public Notice [PDF]04/30/2024 - 05/20/2024NoPermit Number: ING250069

Project Manager: Burget, Catherine A
Valparaiso Department of Water Works – Airport PlantNPDES Final Permit Public Notice [PDF]04/19/2024 - 05/07/2024NoPermit Number: IN0025887

Project Manager: Wray, Jodi M
South Haven Sewer Works Wastewater Treatment Plant Draft Renewal of NPDES Permit and SMV IN0030651NPDES Draft Permit Public Notice [PDF]04/18/2024 -
YesPermit Number: IN0030651

Project Manager: Eilerman, Nicholas
United States Steel Corporation - Midwest PlantHazardous Waste Draft Permit [PDF]

Interested Party Letter and Fact Sheet [PDF] 
04/04/2024 - 05/20/2024YesPermit Number: INR000109017

Project Manager: MARSHALL, ROB
Valparaiso Department of Water Works - Flint Lake PlantNPDES Draft Permit Public Notice [PDF]04/01/2024 - 05/01/2024YesPermit Number: IN0042498

Project Manager: Wray, Jodi M
Cleveland Cliffs - Burns Harbor LLC Notice of 30-Day Period of Public Comment for Draft Air Permit [PDF]

Notice of Public Hearing [PDF]
03/07/2024 - 05/28/2024YesPermit Number: 127-46984-00001

Public Hearing:
Thursday May 23, 2024, at 6:00 PM (CT)
Chesterton High School, Auditorium, Door #31
2151 S 11th St. Chesterton IN 46304

This page is designed to provide public access to all agency public notices for this region as required by statute or rule including: permitting, rulemaking, meeting and hearing notices. Click highlighted links to view additional information related to the notice. Unless otherwise noted, contact information is included on the notices.

The News and Events Calendar provides information on public meetings that do not require public notice.

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Rules and Regulatory Notices

IDEM regularly notifies the public about rulemaking activities via official public notices in the Indiana Register. Relevant information, public hearing dates, and agency points of contact are included in the notices.

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A nonrule policy document (NPD) is intended to clarify for the public IDEM's interpretation of an environmental statute or rule. IDEM Nonrule Policies are not intended by the agency to have the effect of law, however, per Indiana Code 13-14-1-11.5, they are made available for public comment on the agency internet website for at least 45 days. After the comment period ends, the appropriate state environmental board(s) are briefed, and 30 days later the NPD(s) become effective and are sent for publication in the Indiana Register.

Citizen Involvement

The Citizens’ Guide to IDEM describes the agency’s permitting and environmental cleanup programs. The guide details how citizens can participate when IDEM makes decisions about issuing permits, conducting cleanup actions, preparing environmental reports and plans, and writing environmental rules.

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