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Turtle Creek WMP 4-151


This Watershed Management Plan addresses the conditions determined by the preliminary assessment of the Turtle Creek/Little Turtle Creek Watershed carried out by the Partnership for Turtle Creek. In addition, it provides a roadmap for determining additional watershed concerns and educating all stakeholders on the importance of protecting and improving water quality in the watershed. This plan will be updated annually to reflect changes in the watershed and include updated status of work completed and action items planned next and in progress.

The Turtle/Little Turtle Creek watershed consists of 24,540 acres in Sullivan County, Indiana. The watershed is located in the west central portion of the county, in portions of both the Gill and Turman Townships. Little Turtle Creek empties into Turtle Creek south of the dam for the Turtle Creek Reservoir and the entire watershed empties into the Wabash River near Riverton.

The Complete Turtle Creek Watershed Management Plan

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