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Section 319(h) Cost-Share Program Development Guidelines

All Section 319 grant projects with a cost-share component are required to develop a cost-share program. Details of the cost-share program must be submitted to the IDEM Project Manager and approved prior to implementing the program. Submit a cost-share program document addressing all of the numbered items below. Please note that best management practices (BMPs) must be implemented only in critical areas and in accordance with the watershed management plan, the contract or grant agreement with IDEM, the approved cost-share program, and other applicable Section 319 requirements. Cost-share funding restrictions are outlined in the Clean Water Act Section 319(h) Urban Guidance for Indiana and the Clean Water Act Section 319(h) Agricultural Guidance for Indiana.

  1. What is the project’s executive document summary (EDS)?
  2. What is the name of the watershed management plan that is being implemented with these funds?
  3. What watershed(s) will your cost-share program target? (list by name and 12-digit HUC)
  4. BMPs must be implemented in critical areas. Describe the critical areas, and provide the page numbers in the watershed management plan where this information may be found.
  5. Describe the decision-making process for determining where BMPs will be targeted within the critical areas.
  6. What BMPs will be eligible under your cost-share program and what pollutants will be addressed? List all potential BMPs, (including the NRCS Practice Title and Code when applicable) with the associated targeted pollutants. See the Section 319 Eligible NRCS FOTG Practices for a list of 319 eligible BMPs. If specific BMPs are provided in the WMP, list the BMPs and the page numbers where this information is found.
  7. Who is the target audience of your cost-share program?
  8. What percentage of cost-share will you provide? (i.e. 75%-25%, 50%-50%)
  9. How will you advertise your cost-share program?
  10. Who will review the cost-share applications?
  11. What criteria will be used when reviewing cost-share applications?
  12. Who will be responsible for the administration aspect (paper work) of your cost-share program?
  13. Is there a maximum dollar amount a cost-share recipient may receive under your cost-share program? If so, how much?
  14. Have you set a maximum dollar amount on any individual BMP? If so, how much?
  15. Will you cost-share on field equipment modifications? If so, please specify
  16. Who will review and approve BMP installation according to the recognized standards (NRCS, IDNR, etc.)? Has this individual or organization agreed to such responsibilities?
  17. Will any permits be necessary to install BMPs under your cost-share program? Who will be responsible for obtaining the necessary permits?
  18. How will you geolocate the BMPs installed?
  19. What model(s) will be used to determine the estimated pollutant load reductions from the BMPs installed?
  20. Who will be responsible for maintaining the BMPs and for how long?

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