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Non-IDEM Funding

Through its Section 319 program, IDEM funds nearly $4 million worth of nonpoint source planning and abatement projects annually - no small sum. But in comparison to the need of local watershed groups, it’s just a drop in the bucket. Most Indiana watershed groups will find that they must look beyond IDEM’s 319 coffers to fully implement their watershed management plan. Additional state and federal programs are available to alleviate problems caused by nonpoint source pollution.

In addition to the state and federal programs listed above, many private and community foundations provide grants to fund local programs. Browse IDEM’s Funding Matrix for a specific listing of programs available for specific watershed management activities.

Aside from grants, groups have generated the cash they need to do their work through memberships, fundraisers, sponsorships, innovative partnerships, product sales, and fee-for-service programs. These aren’t get-rich-quick programs, but they do provide a stable foundation on which to add larger grants and contracts.

Looking for money can sometimes feel like a second full time job, but experience shows that groups exhibiting continued results, even small ones, have an easier time obtaining funding over the long term. Good luck!

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