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Geist Reservoir-Upper Fall Creek WMP (LARE)


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The Geist Reservoir/Upper Fall Creek Watershed (10-digit HUC 0512020108) is located in Central Indiana, northeast of Indianapolis in Henry, Madison, Delaware, Hancock, Hamilton, and Marion counties. Originating in northwest Henry County, Fall Creek flows southwest through Madison, Hamilton, and Marion Counties, with tributaries in portions of Delaware and Hancock counties. The Geist Reservoir/Upper Fall Creek Watershed consists of approximately 140,194 acres of mixed land-use; Geist Reservoir occupies 1,900 acres itself.

The Geist Watershed Alliance (GWA) was formed in 2007 by local residents concerned about the quality of the reservoir. The GWA is focused on the improvement and protection of Geist Reservoir’s water quality and seek to ensure that the reservoir will remain a healthy recreational and drinking water source for the region. To further achieve these goals, the GWA partnered with the Upper White River Watershed Alliance (UWRWA) to develop this Watershed Management Plan, funded using the Indiana Department of Natural Resources’ Lake and River Enhancement Program (IDNR LARE).

The Geist Reservoir/Upper Fall Creek Watershed Management Plan (WMP) is intended as a guide for the protection and enhancement of the environment and quality of the watershed while balancing the different uses and demands of the community on this natural resource. This plan will address items such as:

  • Education and outreach;
  • Increasing preservation, restoration and protection of this vital system;
  • Increasing cooperation, coordination and collaboration among all stakeholders in the watershed; and
  • Maintaining a solid organization to look after the welfare of this important natural resource.

The Complete Geist Reservoir/Upper Fall Creek Watershed Management Plan

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