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How Recreational Boaters Can Participate

Fueling, cleaning, and maintaining boats can generate pollutants that negatively impact aquatic environments. Boaters play a vital role in protecting Indiana’s waterways. IDEM invites recreational boaters to support the Indiana Clean Marina Program and pledge to be stewards of Indiana’s waters by joining the Indiana Clean Boater Program. By actively using best management practices, boaters can prevent or reduce the amount of pollution entering our lakes and rivers and even stop the spread of aquatic invasive species.

The Benefits of Participating

Boaters who participate will:

  • Be recognized as environmental stewards.
  • Show that they are exemplary leaders.
  • Keep our waters free of litter.
  • Help protect sensitive shallow water habitat areas.
  • Improve water quality and aquatic habitat.
  • Help prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species.

Become a Clean Boater Today! Take the Pledge!


As a recreational boater supportive of the Indiana Clean Marina Program, I pledge to be a steward of Indiana’s waters. I will read the clean boater tip sheets and use the best management practices recommended therein to protect our aquatic resources. I will further ensure that all passengers aboard my watercraft follow these best management practices, and I will encourage other boaters to be stewards of Indiana’s waters as well. For this pledge, I will receive and be authorized to prominently display an Indiana Clean Boater sticker on my watercraft.

As an Indiana Clean Boater, I pledge to:

  • Keep our waters free of litter;
  • Practice proper watercraft fueling;
  • Help prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species;
  • Recycle when possible;
  • Maintain my watercraft in an environmentally-sensitive manner;
  • Not operate my watercraft in sensitive, shallow water habitat areas; and
  • Lead by example.

Clean Boater Tip Sheets

As part of the Clean Marina Guidebook, IDEM and its partners drafted a set of tip sheets to provide Clean Boaters with best practices to help them minimize their impact on Indiana’s waterways.

Resources for Boaters

Additional resources for boaters -- such as marina locations, fishing information, weather forecasts, and boating laws and responsibilities.