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AES-04: Abatement Equipment

AES-04: Abatement Equipment

This form is for listing all of your facility's abatement (control) equipment. If your facility does not have any abatement equipment, this form does not have to be filled out. Skip to AES-05 Section 9: Group Information.

Section 7: Abatement Equipment

  1. Equipment ID - This is a numeric field used by OAQ to associate a specific piece of abatement equipment with the process it controls. This must be a number and should be in sequential order.
  2. Equipment Code - The equipment code is a 3-digit number used to identify the type of abatement equipment used. A list of these codes can be found on the guidance page.
  3. Abatement equipment description - This should be a brief description of the abatement equipment being used that is useful to you.
  4. Pollutant - Only the pollutants that are being controlled should be listed. (e.g.: a fabric filter does not control VOC or CO emissions)
  5. Abatement Efficiency - The control efficiency is the operating efficiency of the equipment for removing the specified pollutant from the emission stream as a percentage. This information may be determined from a stack test or from the manufacturer's specifications.

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