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Table of Contents

Office of Air Quality

Air Compliance

Air Quality

Criteria Air Pollutants

Southwest Indianapolis Air Toxics Study Program

Office of Land Quality

Confined Feeding Operations


Regulated Wastes Permits and Compliance

Remediation and Response

IDEM has guidance to help you find an environmental consultant.

Site Investigation

Underground Storage Tanks

Office of Legal Counsel

Enforcement and Compliance Information

Office of Program Support

Community Environmental Health

Assistance and Outreach Branch

Compliance and Technical Assistance Program
Recycling and Voluntary Pollution Prevention
Electronic Waste Program (Indiana E-Cycle)

Pollution Complaint Investigations/Responses to Citizen Inquiries

Office of Water Quality

Drinking Water and Groundwater

Drinking Water Operators

Public Water Systems

Stormwater and Wetlands

Wastewater Compliance

Watersheds and Nonpoint Source Water Pollution

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