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Training Licensing and Certifications

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) offers a variety of trainings, certifications, and guidance materials for Indiana businesses and individual professionals.


  • Asbestos Licensing:
    • Those working to remove regulated asbestos must be licensed to work in Indiana. There are various required levels of experience, training, and fees associated with each type of license. The IDEM Office of Air Quality (OAQ), works with approved training providers to offer about 149 different courses (licensing types).
  • Drinking Water Operator Certification:
    • The IDEM Office of Water Quality (OWQ), Drinking Water Branch, offers drinking water operator certification examinations by computer based testing at 24 Ivy Tech locations throughout the state. Applications may be submitted to IDEM. There is a $30 (nonrefundable) fee per grade of certification examination being requested. For individuals who qualify, Ivy Tech has a testing site fee of $40 per grade of certification examination administered. Additionally, there will be an annual pencil and paper exam session offered for those that prefer this method.
  • Environmental Management E101 Training:
    • E101 is free training offered by the IDEM Compliance and Technical Assistance Program (CTAP) staff for those persons managing environmental responsibilities at Indiana businesses. The goal of this training is to assist environmental managers in understanding current state and federal environmental regulations and determining how they are applied to Indiana businesses. This training is divided into five (5) modules: Air, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), Water, Pollution Prevention (P2) for Businesses, and Storage Tanks, Spills, and Emergency Planning and Response. Each module includes a written manual, a PowerPoint presentation, and lesson exercises.
  • Underground Storage Tanks (UST):
    • All of Indiana’s UST facilities must designate individuals as Class A, B, or C operators for various responsibilities of system operations. They must be certified in different aspects of system maintenance and operations. The IDEM Office of Land Quality (OLQ) provides the required training and certification program for free through the Regulatory Services Portal. Please review the UST Operator Training Quick Start Guide [PDF] for more information.
  • Wastewater Operator Certification and Continuing Education:
    • Indiana requires that all Wastewater Operators be certified and licensed, and that they keep their certification status current. The IDEM Office of Water Quality (OWQ) hosts the Wastewater Operator exam for new operators through the certification program. Various private parties and organizations offer courses designed to prepare candidates to sit for the wastewater operator exams. IDEM does not recommend or endorse any specific provider, but does encourage adequate preparation be done prior to sitting for one of the exams. The exam for new operators can be taken as a paper exam once a year, or electronically anytime. Existing Wastewater Operators can renew their certification license online (available from May 1 through July 1).

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