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Indiana Small Business Guide

The Indiana Small Business Guide to Environmental, Safety, and Health Regulations is designed to help small businesses understand and comply with regulations that apply to their operations. Like other industrial activities, small businesses use a variety of materials and potentially hazardous chemicals that generate waste that must be handled, treated, and/or disposed of properly. Although the average small business is not a major source of pollution, their aggregate impact on the environment can be significant. The guide (published in 2014), describes how wastes may enter the environment, how to prevent them from doing so, and which remediation methods to use if contamination does occur. Also, the guide addresses the importance of safety and health in the workplace and explains how to comply with applicable safety and health regulations. The Compliance and Technical Assistance Program (CTAP) within IDEM’s Office of Program Support provides free and confidential environmental assistance to Indiana businesses. If you have any questions on information in the guide, please contact CTAP.

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Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Regulations

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