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Spill Contractor Map

Statement regarding Spill Contractor Map and Disclaimer

IDEM is providing this map of spill contractors to expedite spill response efforts. This may not be an all-inclusive listing. Other tools to find a spill contractor may include directory and online searches. This map includes contractors who indicate that they maintain 24-hour spill response capabilities using in-house personnel and equipment to respond to emergency spills within Indiana. The information being provided is not an endorsement, certification, or acknowledgement of any company, their qualification, or their ability to perform spill response. When soliciting a spill contractor whether from this list or other means it is important that you provide the contractor with details regarding spill, communicate special equipment or personal protective equipment (PPE) needs, and obtain an estimated time of arrival (ETA).

Instructions on Becoming a Listed Spill Contractor:

Spill response contractors are different than environmental consultants, and only spill response contractors will be listed. Spill response contractors on this list are expected to physically respond, using in-house personnel and equipment, 24/7/365 to emergency spills within Indiana.

Prequalification to be listed:
  1. I certify that my company specializes in spill response and maintains 24-hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year response capabilities. My company maintains in-house equipment and trained personnel to contain and cleanup spills to solid surfaces (ie. roadways), soils, and surface waters.
  2. I certify that work will be performed by properly trained and certified workers in accordance with local, state and federal safety and environmental laws and regulation.
  3. I certify that my company has the ability to document spill response efforts and assemble a written spill report on behalf of my client.

Once a spill contractor certifies they meet the above qualifications, they may fill in the Spill Response Contractor form.

IDEM reserves the right to deny a contractor or remove a contractor if IDEM determines that the contractor does not meet the specifications outlined. This list is not intended to be an endorsement of any contractor. Annually listed contractors will receive an email requiring that they verify listed information as correct and that they wish to continue to be listed as a spill contractor. Failure to respond will default in removal from list

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