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Applications Forms and Documents

The IDEM Agency Forms page provides a one-stop shop for confined feeding operation (CFO) and concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO) forms and documents:

  • The complete CFO/CAFO Application Packet.
  • State forms for CFOs and CAFOs.
  • Operator recordkeeping forms and documents.
  • Compliance information forms and documents.
  • National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System individual permit forms for CAFOs.
  • Other pertinent non-IDEM forms, such as the Indiana Department of Natural Resources’ Registration of Significant Water Withdrawal Facility form.

The IDEM Fact Sheets page provides documents on the following topics:

  • CAFO/CFO Compliance Assistance
  • NPDES CAFO Individual Permits
  • Proper Disposal of Dairy Waste and Cleanup Requirements
  • Solid Manure Staging

A complete Confined Feeding Operation Record Book is available from the CFO Permits staff or CFO Compliance staff. Please contact the CFO section to request a copy.

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