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About Blue-Green Algae

1) Who do I contact for medical questions?

Your personal physician is the best resource for concerns about your personal health situation.

2) Who do I contact for information about dogs and blue-green algae?

Your veterinarian is the best resource for concerns about your dog’s health.

3) Where do I find the facts about Blue-Green Algae?

Several fact sheets address a variety of health, environmental and scientific research about Algae.

4) Where do I find the test results?

Results will be available weekly throughout the summer.

5) What can I do to get rid of blue-green algae?

Blue-green algae is naturally occurring in many of Indiana's lakes and reservoirs. A variety of fact sheets describe the characteristics of algae and what you can do to help control algae growth.

6) Can I get in the water if algae are present?

The presence of algae isn't always obvious and the effect of coming in contact with algae is different for everyone. Just like everyone has different sensitivity to poison ivy, your response to blue-green algae is not predictable. It is advisable to wash with soap and clean water after being in contact with lake or reservoir water. Never drink water from untreated sources.