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Annual Compliance Certification Forms and Information

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  • Current: Annual Compliance Certification Forms and Information

About the Annual Compliance Certification

An Annual Compliance Certification (ACC) is a reporting requirement for certain facilities as a condition of their air permit. Facilities that are subject to the requirement must:

  • Identify whether compliance during the reporting period was continuous or intermittent; in cases where there was not continuous compliance with all permit terms and conditions, identify the permit term(s) or condition(s) for which compliance was intermittent
  • Identify the method(s) or other means used by the owner or operator for determining the compliance status
  • Provide any other facts that may be required to determine compliance status, as established by IDEM as the permitting authority

Details, including a sample form for ACC submittals, are provided in IDEM's nonrule policy document titled Guidelines for Submittal and Review of Annual Compliance Certifications under the Federally Enforceable State Operating Permit (FESOP) and Part 70 Permit Programs (Air-007-R3, available on the IDEM Effective Nonrule Policies page). IDEM provides a second Sample Form [PDF] and an example of a completed sample form [PDF] that may also be used for submitting an ACC.

IDEM requests that whenever possible  ACC submittals  be made electronically. Please use the email address provided on the contact page for the Compliance and Enforcement Branch.  Paper copies with wet signatures are not required by rule or statute for Annual Compliance Certifications. Paper submissions are not required in addition to the electronic copy. Electronic copies submitted will be deemed received on the date of the electronic submission.

Compliance assistance is available upon request.

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