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Air Compliance and Enforcement

The Air Compliance and Enforcement Branch works in many ways to improve air quality by ensuring that air pollution sources comply with applicable state and federal air pollution laws, rules, and air permits. The branch determines the compliance of regulated sources of air emissions in Indiana by overseeing requirements for stack testing, reviewing records including but not limited to annual compliance certifications, and conducting inspections. Additional responsibilities include issuing approvals for fire training and open burning activities, enforcing asbestos regulations, responding to pollution complaints, and promoting best practices for residential open burning activities, hydronic heaters, and fugitive dust.

The branch provides compliance and technical assistance, provides forms and guidance, and provides small business assistance for sectors such as automobile refinishers. When necessary, appropriate enforcement action is taken to bring sources back into compliance. The branch does not oversee lead-based paint, indoor air quality, pesticides or refrigerants, but provides resources.

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