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IDEM COVID-19 Actions

Per Governor Eric Holcomb’s Executive Order 20-09 [PDF], all IDEM offices will be closed to in-person public activity until at least April 7. IDEM staff will continue to conduct business remotely during this time.

IDEM recognizes that, due to restrictions and closures related to COVID-19, some permit applications may not be able to comply with public notice and meeting requirements that are prerequisites to obtaining certain permits. If an applicant believes it cannot meet notice or meeting requirements, it should include in its permit application materials:

  • Concise statement describing how the COVID-19 outbreak makes it infeasible to comply with the requirement(s)
  • Actions the applicant is taking to ensure the public has an opportunity to receive information and participate as intended by the requirement(s)
  • Citation of the specific rules/requirements it cannot meet
  • Concise statement describing why the applicant would be prejudiced by delaying action on the permit until applicable requirements can be met

Public Notices

Business closures and restrictions on large gatherings due to the COVID-19 outbreak have impacted the usual ways that IDEM and regulated entities provide notice to the public. For example, libraries are closed and many newspapers have altered their delivery practices. IDEM encourages interested parties to visit our Public Notices page for the latest information on proposed and final agency actions and to sign up to receive email or text alerts when new public notices are posted for your region.

Office of Water Quality

  • Drinking Water & Wastewater Compliance:
    • To date, no findings indicate the current pandemic concern is waterborne. There are several options/contingencies water utilities may explore, and we encourage utilities (if they have not already) to build these into their emergency response plans:
      • Hire additional operators. This is not always economically feasible, but redundancy is as important in staffing as it is in critical equipment.
      • Whether through INWARN or individually, utilities may enter into mutual aid agreements with neighboring utilities to “share” appropriately certified operators in times of illness, disaster, crisis, etc.
      • Implement personal protection protocols to reduce individual workers’ exposure to each other.
      • Review/Create a Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) for your utility or facility.
        • If you have any questions about emergency response or continuity of operation planning, please contact your IDEM field inspector.
      • If you are a certified drinking water lab and are experiencing lab capacity issues, please contact IDEM and the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH).
      • All Public Water Systems will need to continue monitoring for regulated contaminants. Public Water Systems can view their monitoring schedules on IDEM’s Drinking Water Watch site.

Office of Air Quality

  • Volkswagen Mitigation Trust Program:
    • IDEM and the VW Committee have extended the application deadline for Round 2 of the Onroad and Nonroad Request for Proposals to May 31, 2020.
  • Clean Air Car Check:
    • Effective at the end of business March 24th, Clean Air Car Check will be temporarily closed to in-person public activity.

Office of Program Support

Office of Legal Counsel

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact IDEM: (800) 451-6027 or info@idem.IN.gov.

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