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Environmental Review Letter

Obtaining the IDEM Environmental Review Letter Required For Publicly Funded Grant, Loan, or Other Financing Programs

The Long-Standing Requirement for Environmental Review

For many years now, local governmental entities and others seeking participation in Community Development Block Grant state funding programs (and other state and federally funded programs) to defray costs of implementing public works, infrastructure, or community development projects have submitted project descriptions to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) for review. IDEM responded to each such request with a standardized letter listing all the environmental issues applicants should consider or comply with to ensure the environmental impacts of their projects would be minimized. Applicants then included IDEM's response letter as part of the grant application package.

Now Use the New, Streamlined Process for Environmental Review Letters

Now, IDEM has streamlined this process, eliminating the need for applicants to contact IDEM by U.S. mail with request letters and extensive plan descriptions. Instead, grant applicants can submit electronically the contact information and a brief project description in the spaces provided below. IDEM will respond directly to the applicant's PC with a project specific copy of the standardized environmental review letter previously sent by U.S. mail. The applicant and owner contact information will appear automatically along with the project description in all the appropriate places on IDEM's Web-generated response letter. Applicants need to print, read, sign the letter, and then submit it along with all other required application materials. By signing the letter each applicant is affirming that he or she has read the letter, understands the environmental issues that should be considered, and upholds meeting the requirements to assure the project will have a minimum impact on the environment.


To obtain a letter, complete the data entry fields below:

The information regarding the party that is preparing the application for the grant, loan, or other financial program should be entered under "Applicant", while the information regarding the owner of the project should be entered under "Project Owner." If the applicant and the project owner are the same, complete only the "Project Owner" fields of the form.

Please keep in mind that the "contact" persons listed under "Applicant" and under "Project Owner" will each be required to sign the letter. The space for their signatures will appear on the last page of the letter.

Hence, the "contact" names entered in the form below will appear beneath the respective signature lines of the "Applicant" and "Project Owner." Further, if the project is publicly owned, the "contact" should be the responsible elected official.

Similarly, if the "Applicant" is a governmental entity (for example, if the application is being submitted by the mayor, town council, or city planning office on behalf of a not-for-profit organization), the "contact" should be the responsible elected official. Otherwise, if the applicant is a consultant, the "contact" who will sign the letter should be the same person who is listed as the "contact" in the heading of the letter.

In the county field(s), please select the county(s) where the project is located.

In the "Description of Project" field please provide a brief description that clarifies, all the following information that applies to your particular project:

  1. the type (grant, loan, bond, etc.), source (block grant, housing authority, etc.), and amount of funding being sought;
  2. what the project is (a building, park, trail, sidewalks, fire station, etc);
  3. whether it is being purchased, constructed, or rehabilitated;
  4. the street address, and/or
  5. the name (if applicable) of the building, park, neighborhood, housing development, or industrial park in which the project is located, and
  6. the name of the city, town, or township where the project is located.

If you are resubmitting this information to IDEM to obtain a more updated copy of the letter in order to resubmit your assistance application because of design or location changes made to the project, you may also want to briefly describe the revision in the "Description of Project" field.

If you have any additional questions regarding your project, please enter them in the "Questions for IDEM" field of the form. Or, if you have questions regarding whether your project may need a more thorough environmental review by IDEM, contact the Business Coordinator at info@idem.in.gov.

Click Submit, and Get Your Letter Immediately

Once you have entered all the requested information, click on the "Submit" button. In a minute or less, IDEM will return to your Internet browser a standardized environmental review letter that includes the current date, a description of the project, applicant and project owner contact information, and a place on the last page of the letter for the signatures of both the applicant and the project owner. Simply print, read, and sign the letter. You may want to make a copy of the signed letter for your records, before including the original signed copy in your application package for the grant, loan, or other financing program in which you are interested.


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