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Charter Revocation and Closure

Revocation Process

ICSB may revoke a school's charter at any time if it determines that:

  1. The organizer does not comply with the terms of the Charter or the terms of any Corrective Action Plan;
  2. The school fails to meet the educational goals set forth in the Charter;
  3. The organizer fails to comply with applicable Federal and State laws;
  4. The organizer fails to meet generally accepted fiscal management and government accounting principles; or
  5. One (1) or more grounds for revocation exists as specified in the Charter, including, but not limited to, a failure to meet any of the standards of ICSB's Accountability System.

Before revocation, ICSB will provide formal written notice to the governing board notifying them of the possibility of revocation, describing the deficiency, and giving them a reasonable time, which shall not be less than fifteen (15) business days, to remedy the deficiency. If the governing board fails to remedy the deficiency, members of the ICSB board will determine whether the charter should be revoked in a public meeting.

If the organizer wishes to appeal a revocation decision, the organizer must indicate its intention in writing within fifteen (15) business days. If an appeal is received within fifteen (15) business days of the revocation decision, an informal hearing will be held within twenty-five (25) business days, but no sooner than five (5) business days, from the receipt of the petition to appeal the revocation. During the hearing, ICSB staff will present the reasons and evidence supporting revocation. The organizer, in turn, may (1) present evidence; (2) have an attorney present; (3) present witnesses to testify in opposition of the reasons given for revocation; and/or (4) provide a proposed corrective action plan. ICSB staff will arrange for space and staffing, including the appointment of an independent hearing officer (“IHO”).  The IHO will consider all evidence presented and then make a recommendation to the ICSB board in a public meeting. The ICSB board’s vote on the IHO’s recommendation is the “final decision” regarding the revocation.

Closure Process after Revocation or Voluntary Closure

If an organizer has had its charter revoked, been non-renewed, or has voluntarily relinquished its charter, ICSB has developed a Closure Protocol to ensure timely notification to parents, orderly transition of students and student records to new schools, and proper disposition of school funds, property, and assets.