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Applying to a Charter School

Any child eligible to attend a district public school is eligible to attend a charter school. Charter schools are public schools and are tuition free. In order to enroll in a charter school, parents or legal guardians must participate in an application process.

In order to apply to a charter school, you must apply directly to the specified school. Most schools take applications beginning in December for the following school year, but you should contact each charter school directly for specific information about deadlines and processes. Please visit ICSB Charter Schools for contact information.

Currently enrolled students must fill out a re-enrollment form each year notifying the leadership of the charter school that they intend to stay at the school for the following year. Contact the school directly for details on the re-enrollment process to ensure your child can continue attending his/her charter school.

Many charter schools have a limited number of seats available for students. If a charter school has more applicants than open seats for a particular grade, Indiana statute requires that the school hold a random selection process, called a lottery, to determine which students will be enrolled. A lottery must be held during a public meeting. Note that charter schools are required to give an enrollment preference to students already attending the school and their siblings.

Since charter schools are independently operated, each takes a different approach to education. Visit the ICSB Charter Schools page for more information about each school.