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ICHLA Opportunity/Involvement Identification Project
The following opportunities are available to young Latinos, some ongoing throughout the year and others for set periods of time. We are working hard to provide new information for programs throughout the State and will have updates periodically, so please visit us again.

We encourage you to explore those programs that might be perfect for the Latino youth in your life, and please don't hesitate to contact these organizations for more information. Many, many other programs besides these are taking place every day in Indiana. Please take some time to explore what might be available to you and your children!


  • Both the officers of Senator Richard Lugar and Senator Evan Bayh provide opportunities to young Hoosiers to participate in the Senate Page program, where students will have the chance to work closely with Senate staff in Washington, DC during the fall, spring, and summer sessions and learn more about how the United States government operates at its highest levels.


  • La Plaza has a variety of educational programming for young Latinos, from Tu Futuro to the Lilly Leadership Institute for Latino Youth.
  • The Mexican Consulate in Indianapolis often provides scholarship opportunities, based on funding availability.
  • The Indiana Latino Institute periodically provides scholarships and counseling opportunities, in addition to hosting job fairs and having a wealth of resources to share with young Latinos and their families.
  • The City of Indianapolis Office of the Mayor is hosting the Mayor's 2010 Latino Soccer Cup tournament on August 7-8 from 9am-2pm.
  • The EASY McCoy Book is now online and provides you with a comprehensive list of all the activities taking place in and around Indianapolis, from youth programming to parenting classes.
  • The Indiana Youth Institute is a resource for organizations that serve young Latinos across the State of Indiana.

Northwest Indiana

  • Boys & Girls Club of Northwest Indiana offers a variety of recreational opportunities for young Latinos in a safe and controlled environment.
  • Northwest Indiana United FC provides competative and recreational soccer events and leagues for youth in across Northwest Indiana.
  • The Northwest Indiana Catholic Youth Organization provides young Latinos with the chance to participate in musical events and recreational sports programming while developing character and building social skills.
  • The St. John High School and Freshman Center has pieced together this comprehensive list of summer opportunities. While they have passed for this summer, the list can be used in preparation for next year.

Ft. Wayne


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