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Award Payments

Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse Breed Development awards begin processing as soon as the samples collected  on a race date have been cleared by an independent, out-of-state testing facility. It may take up to 60 days between the date of the race and the deposit of the award in your bank account.

If your payment status is “In Process”, your race has cleared and the state paperwork required to make your payment has begun.  This process may take 10-14 days, if you have submitted all necessary paperwork to our offices.

If you have not completed your paperwork, please visit our Award Information page for further instruction and the required forms. New paperwork is also required if you have not received an award payment in the past 2 years.

Notices of unclaimed awards and requests for new paperwork will be mailed to the last address you have provided to our offices.

A deposit confirmation will be mailed to you even if you have signed up for email notices.

If your race date shows a payment status of “Paid” and you have not received your payment, please contact our offices at 317-234-2540.

April 13Paid5/25/21
April 14Paid5/25/21
April 19Paid6/18/21
April 20Paid6/9/21
April 21Paid5/25/21
April 26Paid5/25/21
April 27Paid5/25/21
April 28Paid5/25/21
May 3Paid6/9/21
May 4Paid6/9/21
May 5Paid6/9/21
May 6Paid6/9/21
May 10Paid6/9/21
May 11Paid6/25/21
May 12Paid6/25/21
May 13Paid6/25/21
May 17Paid 6/25/21
May 18Paid6/25/21
May 19Paid6/25/21
May 20Paid6/28/21
May 24Paid6/28/21
May 25Paid6/25/21
May 26Paid6/25/21
May 27Paid6/28/21
June 1Paid7/12/21
June 2Paid7/12/21
June 3Paid7/12/21
June 5Paid7/13/21
June 7Paid7/13/21
June 8Paid7/13/21
June 9Paid7/13/21
June 10Paid7/13/21
June  14Paid7/13/21
June 15Paid7/13/21
June 16Paid7/13/21
June 17Paid7/30/21
June 21Paid7/30/21
June 22Paid8/2/21
June 23Paid8/2/21
June 24Paid8/17/21
June 28Paid8/2/21
June 29Paid8/18/21
June 30Paid8/18/21
July 1Paid8/17/21
July 3  
July 6Paid8/17/21
July 7Paid8/17/21
July 8In Process8/11/21
July 12Paid8/17/21
July 13In Process8/11/21
July 14In Process8/11/21
July 15Paid8/17/21
July 19Paid8/17/21
July 20In Process8/11/21
July 21In Process8/11/21
July 22In Process8/11/21
July 24In Process8/11/21
July 26In Process8/11/21
July 27In Process8/11/21
July 28In Process8/11/21
July 29  
August 2  
August 3  
August 4  
August 5  
August 9  
August 10  
August 11  
August 12  
August 14  
August 16  
August 17  
August 18  
August 19  
August 23  
August 24  
August 25  
August 26  
August 30  
August 31  
September 1  
September 2  
September 4  
September 7  
September 8  
September 9  
September 13  
September 14  
September 15  
September 16  
September 20  
September 21  
September 22  
September 23  
September 27  
September 28  
September 29  
September 30  
October 4  
October 5  
October 6  
October 7  
October 9  
October 12  
October 13  
October 14  
October 18  
October 19  
October 20  
October 21  
October 25  
October 26  
October 27  
October 28  
October 30  
November 1  
November 2  
November 3  
November 4  
November 8 

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