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Quarter Horse

Quarter Horse Breed Development


Indiana-Bred Quarter Horses race in nine stakes races at Horseshoe Indianapolis with guaranteed purses ranging from a minimum $75,000 to $150,000 added.

The program awards nearly $3 million annually, with Indiana-bred overnights resulting in more than $1 million.

The 2024 approved racing program was created with input from our participants during Quarter Horse Breed Development Advisory Committee meetings.  These meetings are open to the public and streamed live on the Indiana Quarter Horse Breed Development Facebook page.

Breeder, Owner and Stallion Owner Awards

Breeders, owners and stallion owners of an Indiana Bred horse which places first, second or third in any race (except trials and claiming races of less than $5,000) or any speed index race at Indiana Horseshoe Indianapolis has the ability to earn up to $5,000 in restricted races and up to $2,500 in open races in incentives.


To produce an Indiana Bred foal, the mare must reside in the State of Indiana and be registered with the Indiana Quarter Horse Breed Development program by July 1 of the year prior to foaling.  The mare must remain in the state from July 1 through foaling. Mares must be registered for each foaling year.

If the mare is registered or arrives after the July 1 deadline, the mare is required to be bred back to an IHRC registered stallion. The mare must enter the state prior to foaling, and both the mare and foal must remain in the state for 30 days after foaling.

If the mare is moved at any time during her residency after the registration has been submitted, the owner must complete a Change of Residency form. Additional requirements are in place for mares who are part of an embryo transfer group.  Please contact the Indiana Horse Racing Commission for further information. Indiana-bred foals may be registered for free from their foaling date to 12 months past their foaling date. Foals registered 12 months plus one day to December 31 of the yearling year incur a late fee of $200. Two year-olds incur a late fee of $400 and horses three and older incur a late fee of $1,000.

If you need to confirm your horse's registration, you may do so by visiting the list of registered Indiana Bred foals.

Quarter Horse stallions must be registered by November 1 of the year prior to breeding to be an Indiana Sire.  Returning stallions registered after November 1 incur a $100 late fee.

Stallions must remain in Indiana from February 1 to July 1 and may not cover any mares outside the state in the registered year. Stallions must be registered annually.

list of Indiana farms that are open for foaling horses is provided as a courtesy. The Indiana Horse Racing Commission does not officially endorse any facility listed, and urges you to research which farm is the best fit for your horse.

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