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October 2 2010 - Lincoln & Dixie Highways

Marker Text:
(Side One) Lincoln Highway Association, formed 1913, promoted and procured a route from New York to California. Dixie Highway Association, formed 1915, worked similarly for Canada to Florida routes. Highways intersected here and demonstrated the success of private organizations, individuals, and local governments in advancing goals of the Good Roads Movement.

(Side Two) In 1880s, popularity of the bicycle increased public demand for improvement of roads, still built and maintained by local governments and residents. Transportation of agricultural products, free federal rural mail delivery, and mass production of automobiles increased demand for concrete roads; resulted in state and federal highway programs by 1920s.

Keira and Hunter Johns read from "The First Car" during the ceremony

Attendees at the ceremony

Jan Shupert-Arick and Joyce Chambers