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June 11 2002 - Morgan's Raid July 1863

Morgan's Raid, July 1863 (72.2002.7)
Scott County, Indiana

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Historical Marker Text:

During the Civil War, Confederate General John Hunt Morgan (1825-1864) led a raid through southern Indiana July 8-13, 1863. Crossed Ohio River at Brandenburg, Kentucky on two commandeered steamboats with over 2,000 cavalrymen and entered Indiana near Mauckport. Following a battle at Corydon, they traveled north to Salem.

Morgan's soldiers then traveled east and reached Vienna July 10; they burned railroad bridge and depot and tapped telegraph line. Spent night in Lexington. Moving northeast, they interacted with towns including Vernon, Dupont, and Versailles. Left Indiana at Harrison (now West Harrison). Morgan and part of force were captured in eastern Ohio.

The route of Morgan's Raiders through Southern Indiana.

Dedicated June 11, 2002. The route of Morgan's Raiders through Southern Indiana. Heavy line indicates movement of the main column; light lines show important sorties made by small companies. Courtesy: Funk, The Morgan Raid.