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April 29 2006 - Marengo Academy

Marengo Academy (13.2006.1)
Crawford County, Indiana

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Side 1 of the marker.

Side 1 of the marker.

Side 2 of the marker.

Side 2 of the marker.

The Indiana State Prison historical marker was dedicated April 12, 2006 .

From left to right, Dr. Frank Adney, Mary Alice Claycombe Adney, Robert Claycombe, Judy Claycombe Mathis, Janet Claycombe Karsas, and Darrell Karsas.

The Colgate Company purchased the state prison building from the State of Indiana in 1921.

The marker is located along Meridian Road, near Old Main Street, in Marengo.

The Colgate Company moved the giant clock fom New Jersey to Clarksville and placed it on top of the factory building in 1924.

Approximately fifty people attended the marker dedication, including State Representative Dennie Oxley.

The historical marker is located near the corner of South Clark Boulevard and Woerner Avenue, across the street from the building that served as the Indiana State Prison from 1847 to 1921.

Prior to the unveiling of the marker, there was a program honoring descendants of John M. Johnson and featuring a brief overview of the school's history.

Seventy-six people attended the dedication of the Indiana State Prison historical marker.

Several descendants of John M. Johnson attended the dedication, including, from left to right, Judy Claycombe Mathis, Mary Alice Claycombe Adney, and Robert Claycombe.

Jane Sarles, the marker applicant, unveiled the historical marker.

Richard Eastridge, the marker applicant and Crawford County Historian, discussed some of the sources used to delineate the Marengo Academy's history.