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Woodruff Place

Woodruff Place

Location: Woodruff Cross Drive & Woodruff Middle Drive on median, south of fountain, Indianapolis. (Marion County, Indiana)

Presented in the Bicentennial Year of 1976 by Betsy Toy Hall in memory of her mother, Rose M. Toy and father, John H. Toy devoted residents of Woodruff Place for over 50 years.

ID# : 49.1976.3

Marker Review Report: Learn more here.


Conceived by James Orton Woodruff, prominent citizen and industrialist, platted in 1872, as a residence park, this 77 acre landscaped enclave long existed as an incorporated town completely surrounded by the larger City. The district was finally annexed by the City of Indianapolis in 1962. Two hundred and forty dwellings of predominantly neo-Jacobean and Eastlake styles are aligned on three prominent esplanade drives adorned with handsome urns, fountains and statuary. The area was officially listed on The National Register of Historic Places July 31, 1972.


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