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Tecumseh and Harrison

Location: 3 W. Scott St., Vincennes (Knox County), Indiana, 47591

Installed 2011 Indiana Historical Bureau, Duke Energy, and Grouseland Foundation

ID#: 42.2011.1


Side One

Here, Shawnee warrior Tecumseh met with Indiana Territory Governor William Henry Harrison in August 1810 and July 1811. Tecumseh spoke for a growing confederacy of American Indians led by his brother Tenskwatawa (The Prophet); he denounced 1809 Treaty at Fort Wayne in which U.S. government continued policy of taking Indian lands by treaties with village chiefs.

Side Two

Tecumseh told Harrison: Indian lands were common property and could not be sold without agreement of all Indian nations; the confederacy wanted to keep peace and their lands, but would defend their villages from U.S. advance. In Tecumseh’s absence, 1811, Harrison led troops into contested lands along Wabash River. Battle of Tippecanoe ensued, November 7.


American Indian; Military