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Rockville Chautauqua Pavilion

Location: Beechwood Park, W. Pennsylvania & S. College Streets, in SW Rockville. (Parke County, Indiana)

Installed: 2001 Indiana Historical Bureau and Parke County Historical Society

ID# : 61.2001.1


Side one:

Pavilion was built 1913 by Edgar Jerome (1862-1942) of Rockville. He used wooden bridge building techniques in timber framing which supports entire structure. It was designed to seat 3, 000 people under its roof. Repairs made 1976-1978 and 1992. Listed in National Register of Historic Places 1999.

Side two:

Chautauquas held here 1911-1930; largest crowd estimated at 8, 000 in 1915 when former President William H. Taft spoke. Popularized in late nineteenth century at Chautauqua, New York, chautauquas were significant social and educational events, bringing speakers, music, and ideas to towns across the U.S.


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