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Presbyterian Church

Location: E. Walnut Street & N. Elm, NE of the courthouse, Corydon. (Harrison County, Indiana)

Erected in memory of Judge and Mrs. Clyde R. Lottick, 1965

ID# : 31.1965.4


Organized under Louisville Presbytery, Synod of Kentucky, January 1819 by Rev. John Finley Crowe who later founded Hanover College. Early Church services were held in homes and in State Capitol prior to building first church 1826. Original church stood on South Capitol Ave. where present E.U.B. Church stands. This original church used as a Confederate Hospital following the Battle of Corydon, July 9, 1863. Congregation moved to new location and present church erected 1906. Oldest continuous church organization in Corydon.


Religion, Military