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Annotated Text: New Albany Downtown Historic District

Historical MarkerView the marker page for 22.2004.2 New Albany Downtown Historic District.

The text of the historical marker appears below with the citations to reference material used as a basis for the marker. Students, researchers, and other interested parties may find it useful to use this information to delve more deeply into the subject of the marker.

The reference material has been scanned and linked to this page.

New Albany lots were advertised for sale 1813.(1) It was designated county seat 1819,(2) incorporated as town 1836,(3) then as city 1839.(4) Area within the district was part of early plat of New Albany.(5) District boundaries are roughly West 1st to East 5th streets and East Spring to East and West Main streets.(6)

District reflects the historical development and commercial growth of New Albany.(7) It contains a collection of outstanding examples of nineteenth and twentieth century commercial and institutional buildings and a few domestic structures.(8) Listed in National Register of Historic Places 1999.(9)

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