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Legacy of Steel / Burns Harbor Steel Plant

Location: Burns Harbor Town Hall, 1240 N. Boo Rd., Burns Harbor (Porter Co., Indiana) 46304

Installed 2018 Indiana Historical Bureau, ArcelorMittal, and the Town of Burns Harbor

ID#: 64.2018.1


Side One

In the early 1900s, steel plants were developed on southern Lake Michigan to improve access to growing Midwest markets. After purchasing 3,300 acres in Porter County, Bethlehem Steel built and began its Burns Harbor operations in 1964. The plant’s development spurred local conservation efforts leading to the creation of the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore in 1966.

Side Two

The Burns Harbor plant was key to building the Port of Indiana and incorporation of the Town of Burns Harbor in 1967. Designed as a fully integrated plant, it relies on the port for transporting raw materials. Since 1969, Burns Harbor remains the newest integrated U.S. steel facility. Global steelmaker ArcelorMittal gained ownership of the Burns Harbor plant in 2007.

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