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Indiana University East

Location: 2325 Chester Boulevard, Richmond (Wayne County), Indiana 47374, in front of Whitewater Hall on IU East's campus

Installed 2019 Indiana Historical Bureau and the Trustees of Indiana University

ID#: 89.2019.1


Side One:

In 1946, Indiana University joined Earlham College to form an extension center in Richmond to meet the region’s educational needs. The center offered the first two years of college credit through evening classes held at the Earlham campus. In 1967, Purdue University and Ball State University partnered with the center to expand vocational and technical courses.

Side Two:

By 1970, community members raised funds for a new campus and IU began assuming administrative responsibilities. In 1971, the center became Indiana University East, the sixth regional campus of IU. Construction of the first building, later Whitewater Hall, was completed in 1974. The new campus was dedicated in 1975 and first bachelor’s degree awarded in 1977.

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