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German Newspapers' Demise

Location: 41 S. Delaware St. (located immediately south of the Julia M. Carson Transit Center  at 201 E. Washington St.) Indianapolis, (Marion County, Indiana) 46204

Installed 2017 Indiana Historical Bureau and the Indiana German Heritage Society

ID#: 49.2017.2


Side One

German-language newspapers thrived as Germans became Indiana’s largest immigrant population by 1850. The Täglicher Telegraph und Tribüne, located near here, was among over 175 German-language newspapers published in Indiana, 1843-1920. These newspapers were important vehicles for readers in integrating and maintaining their cultural identities with American values.

Side Two

U.S. entry into WWI in 1917 created suspicion and antipathy toward German-American schools, churches, clubs and newspapers. Several of these Indiana newspapers, which had tried to present balanced war coverage, closed by 1918. This included the Täglicher Telegraph und Tribüne and papers in Berne, South Bend, Logansport, Evansville, and Terre Haute.


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