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Charles C Deam

Location: Triangle Park, intersection of Wayne & Market near Wabash River, River Road & Washington, Bluffton. (Wells County, Indiana)

Installed: 2001 Indiana Historical Bureau and Wells County Historical Society

ID# : 90.2001.1

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Side one:

Born 1865 near Bluffton; died 1953. Resided most of his life on land south of here where house, study, and arboretum located. A Bluffton druggist, he was avid collector of botanical specimens throughout state 1890s-1920s. Documented important biological transition taking place between eras of virgin forests and intensive agricultural cultivation.

Side two:

Appointed Indiana's first State Forester (1909-1913, 1917-1928); Research Forester 1928-1940. Author of books on trees, shrubs, grasses, and flora of Indiana. Collections in Deam Herbarium, Indiana University and Deam Arboretum, Bluffton. Charles C. Deam National Wilderness Area, 12, 953-acre preserve, established in southern Indiana 1982.


Science, Medicine, and Inventions, Nature and Natural Disasters