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Central Normal College

Location: Main Street/US 36 & Wayne Street, Danville. (Hendricks County, Indiana)

Installed: 2001 Indiana Historical Bureau and Danville Senior History Club sponsored by Danville Public Library

ID# : 32.2001.2


Side one:

Organized 1876 at Ladoga as second private Indiana normal school specializing in teacher training. Based on Alfred Holbrook's techniques at his normal college in Lebanon, Ohio which pioneered teacher training in America. Central Normal College was moved 1878 to old Danville Academy building. The campus eventually consisted of five buildings.

Side two:

Central Normal College, last self-supporting private normal school in Midwest, closed 1946. School reopened as Canterbury College by Episcopal Church; declining financial situation forced closure 1951. Alumni include many prominent Hoosiers. Hargrave Hall, gymnasium, and well house remain as part of Danville Middle School.


Education, Religion