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Buffalo Trace Route

Buffalo Art Park, near 50 Daisy Summit, New Albany (Floyd County), Indiana 47150

Erected 1999 Indiana Historical Bureau and Floyd County Historical Society

ID# : 22.1999.1


Side one:

American Bison, migrating in great herds, created a cluster of paths along the natural topography between Illinois prairies and salt licks in Kentucky. These paths, called the Buffalo Trace, used by Native Americans and became premier travel route for early settlers and military. Northern and southern routes existed between New Albany and Vincennes.

Side two:

Northern route became federal post road 1800, scheduled stage coach route 1824, and New Albany-Paoli Turnpike 1836 as part of Internal Improvement Act. Became New Albany and Vincennes State Toll Road 1840, was macadamized, and charged tolls until circa 1915. Became part of state highway system. On November 11, 1926 designated Route 150 of Federal Aid Highway System.


Nature and Natural Disasters, Transportation