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Hoosier Voices NOW


Leading Civil War historians, in new and original essays, explore and interpret Indiana’s participation in the Civil War and its effects on Indiana’s people. The core essays address issues and themes in the Civil War era. Topical essays focus more narrowly on specific individuals, events, and organizations. Funding support for “Hoosiers Voices NOW” has been provided by Indiana Humanities and the National Endowment for the Humanities to the Friends of the Indiana State Archives.

Core Essays

The Indiana Homefront
          Nicole Etcheson, Ball State University

The Politics of Slavery
          Richard Nation, Eastern Michigan University

Oliver P. Morton and Civil War Politics in Indiana
          A. James Fuller, University of Indianapolis

The Hoosier Soldier in the Civil War
          Thomas E. Rodgers, University of Southern Indiana

The Legacy of the Civil War in Indiana
          Nicole Etcheson, Ball State University

Topical essays

Jesse D. Bright
          Matthew N. Vosmeier, Hanover College

Thomas A. Hendricks
          Ralph D. Gray, IUPUI, Emeritus

Indiana Arsenal
          Anita J. Morgan, IUPUI

Indiana Legion
John Michael Foster, Jr., PhD Candidate, Purdue University

Indiana’s General Assembly in the Civil War
          Alan F. January, Indiana State Archives


Adam Johnson’s Raid on Newburgh
          George W. Geib, Butler University

Lambdin P. Milligan and Dissent in the Civil War
          Stephen E. Towne, IUPUI

Morgan’s Raid
          George W. Geib, Butler University

Lucy Higgs Nichols
          Pamela R.  Peters, Floyd County Historical Society Researcher; Curtis H. Peters, Indiana University Southeast, Emeritus

Samuel E. Perkins
          Elizabeth R. Osborn, Indiana Supreme Court; Rusti L. Keen, IUPUI Intern

Railroads and Steamboats in Indiana in the Civil War Era
          Ralph D. Gray, IUPUI, Emeritus

Secret Societies in Indiana during the Civil War
          Stephen E. Towne, IUPUI

Sojourner Truth Visits Indiana in 1861
Patrick J. Furlong, Indiana University, South Bend, Emeritus

The Great War Governor: Oliver P. Morton and the War of the Rebellion in Indiana
A. James Fuller, University of Indianapolis

The Trail Brothers and Their Civil War Service in the 28th USCT
         Wilma L. Moore, Indiana Historical Society

Lew Wallace
          Ray E. Boomhower, Indiana Historical Society