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Pathological Department / Old Pathology Building

This marker will be dedicated Sunday, September 29, 2019. Check back for more information.

Location: 3045 W. Vermont St., Indianapolis (Marion County, Indiana) 46222

Installed 2019 Indiana Historical Bureau and the Indiana Medical History Museum

ID#: 49.2019.4


Side One

Pathological Department

Dr. George F. Edenharter established a teaching and research laboratory for Central Indiana Hospital for the Insane in 1896. Among the earliest facilities to use scientific methods to study the causes of mental diseases, it represented a shift from mere custodial care to the development of useful treatments. Architect Adolph Scherrer designed the 19-room structure.

Side Two

Old Pathology Building

Pathologists and neurologists at the facility used autopsy and chemical analyses to study mental illness. The lab received national attention for new technologies and work space design. In 1925, staff were among the first to study and use malarial treatment for neurosyphilis and by 1944 conducted trials for penicillin. The building was saved as a museum in 1969.

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