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Underground Railroad Historical Markers

ID Historical Marker County
10.2008.1 Hannah Toliver Clark
16.2007.1 Donnell v. State, 1852 Decatur
16.2008.1 Escape of Caroline, 1847 Decatur
20.2007.1 Graves et al. v. Indiana Elkhart
22.2004.1 A Gateway to Freedom Floyd
22.2007.2 New Albany and Salem Railroad (The Monon) Floyd
22.2011.1 Lucy Higgs Nichols Floyd
26.2002.1 Lyles Station Gibson
26.2005.1 James Washington Cockrum Gibson
29.2008.1  Rhodes Family Incident  Hamilton
31.2008.1 Oswell Wright Harrison
33.1976.1 Underground Station Henry
36.2008.2 Alexander McClure Jackson
39.2004.2 Lyman Hoyt Jefferson
39.2004.3 Eleutherian College Jefferson
39.2004.4 Georgetown Jefferson
39.2006.2 John H. and Sarah Tibbets Jefferson
39.2016.1 Chapman Harris Jefferson
49.2006.2 John Freeman Marion
49.2009.2 Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church Marion
49.2016.1 James Overall Marion
54.1995.1 Speed Cabin Montgomery
58.2018.1 The Barkshire Family Ohio
68.2016.1 Union Literary Institute Randolph
69.2004.1 Union Church Ripley
69.2004.2 Stephen S. Harding Ripley
89.2002.1 Levi Coffin Wayne

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ID Historical Marker County
22.2012.1 Mob Violence, 1862 Floyd
41.1966.1 Underground Railroad Station Johnson
49.2006.1 Calvin Fletcher Marion
49.2007.2 Ovid Butler, Sr. Marion
69.2006.2 James Harrison Cravens Ripley
88.19??.? Early Quaker Meetinghouse Washington
89.2013.1 George Washington Julian Wayne